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Take to the rivers for an unforgettable adventure

Discover new destinations, make exciting memories and explore the world from the comfort

of a luxury river cruise planned by one of the world's leading travel experts!

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Discover the Allure of River Cruising: Unlocking Unmatched Adventures and Elegance!

Are you curious about the wonders of cruising but uncertain about which type of voyage to choose?


River cruises and sea cruises offer unique and captivating experiences, each with its distinct charms.  Together, we'll navigate the divergent waters of the cruising world, revealing the contrasts between ocean & river cruising and helping you make an informed choice for your next unforgettable adventure.


Embark with Dave on a journey of discovery as he guides you to the perfect river cruise!


Rivers vs. Seas: Exploring the Delightful Differences Between River Cruises and Sea Cruises!

Looking for a truly unique and enchanting travel experience? Look no further than a river cruise! Embark on a journey like no other, where the world's most iconic waterways become your personal pathways to exploration. Immerse yourself in the heart of charming cities, picturesque landscapes, and cultural wonders, all while indulging in the luxury and comfort of your floating boutique hotel. Join us as we unveil the reasons why river cruises offer an unparalleled blend of adventure, elegance, and unforgettable memories, making them the perfect choice for your next escapade! 

Why River Cruises Are Unmatched:

Intimate Exploration: River cruises take you to the heart of captivating cities and picturesque towns, allowing you to immerse yourself in their culture, history, and traditions. Glide through narrow waterways and witness breathtaking landscapes right from the comfort of your ship

A Tapestry of Culture: Delve into diverse cultures as you visit multiple destinations on a single journey. Experience the local flavors, arts, and customs, and witness firsthand how rivers have shaped the life and livelihood of communities along their banks.

Luxury with a Personal Touch: River cruise ships offer an intimate setting with a limited number of passengers, ensuring personalized attention and impeccable service. Enjoy luxurious amenities, spacious suites with stunning views, and onboard experiences designed to cater to your every need.

Unrushed Exploration: Unlike ocean cruises, river cruises allow for a more relaxed pace, with most ships docking right in the heart of cities. This grants you ample time to explore at your leisure, savoring each destination's beauty without feeling rushed.

Scenic Beauty at Every Turn: Gaze upon ever-changing scenery as you cruise along the riverbanks. From majestic castles and vineyard-clad hills in Europe to ancient temples and lush jungles in Asia, each passing moment offers a feast for the eyes.

Cultural Enrichment: River cruises often include enriching excursions and guided tours led by knowledgeable local experts. Learn the stories behind historic landmarks, art masterpieces, and ancient sites, gaining insights that transform your travel experience.

Seamless Travel: With a river cruise, unpack only once and let the journey unfold effortlessly. Your floating hotel accompanies you from one enchanting destination to the next, making travel between cities a breeze.

Culinary Delights: Savor delectable cuisine inspired by the regions you visit, often crafted with locally-sourced ingredients. As you indulge in gourmet meals onboard, each dish becomes a delightful celebration of the places you explore.


River Cruise: River cruises sail on inland waterways, such as rivers and smaller water bodies. These cruises typically follow a fixed route along rivers like the Danube, Rhine, Nile, or Mekong, and they often stop at various ports and cities along the way.


Sea Cruise: Sea cruises, on the other hand, take place on open seas and larger oceans, offering a vast expanse of water to explore. These cruises often have multiple destinations, but their primary focus is on the destinations themselves, with days spent at sea in between ports.


River Cruise: River cruises provide a close and intimate view of landscapes, passing through picturesque towns, scenic vineyards, and historical landmarks. The focus is more on exploring specific regions and cultural experiences along the riverbanks.



Sea Cruise: Sea cruises offer breathtaking views of the open ocean, with opportunities to visit diverse coastal cities and islands. The emphasis is often on destination variety and the different cultures, cuisines, and sights that can be experienced at each port of call.

Vessel Size

River Cruise: River cruise ships are smaller and more intimate, carrying a limited number of passengers (usually a few hundred). This creates a relaxed and social atmosphere onboard, with a greater opportunity to interact with fellow travelers and staff.

Sea Cruise: Sea cruise ships can vary significantly in size, from mid-sized vessels to massive floating resorts that can accommodate thousands of passengers. They offer a wider array of amenities, entertainment options, and facilities, providing a more diverse onboard experience.


River Cruise: River cruises generally have smoother waters, with less noticeable motion due to the sheltered nature of river travel. Motion sickness is rare on river cruises.

Sea Cruise: Sea cruises can encounter rough seas, especially during inclement weather or when crossing open waters. Some passengers may experience motion sickness, but modern cruise ships are equipped with stabilizers to minimize this effect.

Which River Cruise Suits You Best?

I have a fun little quiz to help you choose the river that best suits your next vacation!

A leading member of Oasis Travel Network, DNA TOURS
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Image by Shreyas Malavalli


By following these three steps, you'll be well on your way to selecting the perfect river cruise that aligns with your preferences, ensuring an unforgettable and enriching journey along picturesque waterways.  Let's start planning.

 STEP 1 
Defining Your Preferences and Interests

We'll begin by identifying your travel preferences and interests. Considering factors such as destination, duration of the cruise, onboard amenities, activities, and the type of experience you desire.


Are you drawn to historical cities, charming villages, or breathtaking landscapes?

Do you want an active adventure with shore excursions like hiking and biking, or a more leisurely trip with cultural immersion and fine dining?


Getting to know what you want will help narrow down the options.

Researching River Cruise Itineraries and Operators

Once I have a clear vision of your ideal river cruise experience, I'll research different itineraries and cruise operators that match to you.


I only work with reputable cruise lines that offer routes matching your desired destinations and pay close attention to the ports of call, shore excursions offered, and the level of service provided.


I make my recommendations based on my own personal experiences, as well as testimonials from previous travelers to gauge the overall satisfaction and quality of the cruise experience.

In the end, the decision is yours, but I will make sure you have the tools to make the best one for you!

Comparing Pricing and Inclusions & Promotions

As we narrow down your choices, I'll compare the prices and inclusions of the river cruises that meet your criteria.


I will provide you with comparisons of what each package includes, such as accommodation, meals, excursions, onboard entertainment, and any additional amenities; bring mindful to point out hidden costs and optional extras.


Once we consider the overall value and the level of comfort and service and maximizing your budget, we'll lock in your cabin reservation and start planning the extras like flights and land tours before and after your cruise.


Enticing Douro 22.jpg

Cruising the rivers is one of the most enriching, rewarding, and memorable travel experiences you can have.


Taking the leap from ocean cruises to river cruises or cruising with a new company can be overwhelming and stressful at times. I know this feeling first hand.


Before I discovered river cruising, I was an avid ocean cruiser, but take my word for it, once you make the switch you will be a river cruise fan for life!




With 65 river cruises already taken in the past ten years (and 16 more currently booked), there is nowhere to sail that the River Cruise King can't share tremendous insight while helping you plan a magical trip. In fact, our little black book is bursting with possibilities and magical moments yet to be had. As our friends say, "Dave has never met a stranger,"and  the same goes with places that we visit. We're at home in the world and pour all of that knowledge into your trip.

Our close personal relationships - from the crew onboard to the cruise & hotel managers to the folks in the corporate offices - means that no matter where in the world you are or want to go you will be treated with extra special attention as River Cruise King guests; turning your simple river cruise into a magical journey.

Lastly, as an American living in Europe for over 25 years in Germany and now Spain, my services bridge cultural divides that many agents don't even consider; helping you avoid the pitfalls of international travel with ease.


With a keen understanding of your expectations, along with a firm grasp of local realities, together we'll create a truly immersive experience full of authentic and endearing moments.

Then we'll do it all over again somewhere new the following year!

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A leading member of Oasis Travel Network, DNA TOURS


If you have never been on a river cruise before or are looking for a new way to travel and explore the world, you have come to the right place. There is no better person to help you book your trip than Dave Natale, one of the world's leading river cruise experts.

When you book with the River Cruise King, you can be assured that you are booking with the best and will be treated like royalty.

Download Dave's FREE Cruise Planning Check-list to help guide you to your ultimate cruise vacation.
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