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Services, Fees & Loyalty Program

To help guests choose among my many services of matching guests to the right itinerary and ship while creating impeccably planned, perfectly executed river cruise experiences for my guests, I have created a two-tiered system to allow you to choose which level of my dedicated service you want for each trip.


For many years I operated on a vendor commission-only basis, and while RCK always officially had cancellation fees, I rarely charged them.


Covid has changed everything.


For the past year, I've worked relentlessly on behalf of my clients, getting back deposits, claiming cruise credits, re-scheduling guests (sometimes two and even three times), researching new trips, and finding incredible travel opportunities for the future. These services have been invaluable and time-saving to all my clients, but left me working for over a year for nothing but the promise of future reward and diminishing the value of earlier efforts.


Covid made me face a harsh reality. ​


What I truly learned this last year is not only how one of a kind I am in this industry in terms of knowledge, experience, expertise, and access, but also that my time and resources only stretch so far. My money saving tips, time-saving services, and world-class dedication go far beyond making a simple cruise reservation as I used to do, and deserve to be fairly compensated.


After all, I save my clients hundreds to thousands of dollars on the luxury trips I plan, as well as create some of the most unique river cruising opportunities around. That extra value is gold for my guests.

LOGO-18.png / DNA Tours GmbH has officially initiated new, modest fees for certain transactions  


My new fees are more than fair, especially in light of the world-class, white-glove service that my guests receive and the incredible, money-saving suggestions and opportunities I offer.


Option 1: The DIY/Do-It-Yourself FREE Package includes a multitude of FREE services with an acknowledgement that some of my guests are very self-sufficient and do most of their research for their travel. They simply want to participate in my incredibly fun, well-organized, and extra special group tours or get assistance with a simple booking.


There is no fee for a SIMPLE sign-up to one of my escorted groups or any cruise/vacation package.


The DIY FREE sign-up program includes up to 30 minutes of consultation and a maximum of 2 FREE airfare quotes with any booked package: additional air quotes after the first two free ones will require a 45€/$50 per cabin fee / payable before additional quotes can be made.


NOTE: While the DIY program is FREE, there are some services below which will require a fee should a guest find themselves needing to cancel or swap a cruise or need more than 2 airfare quotes such as cancellations or booking swaps.

Option 2: My Royal Treatment program is for those guests who need extra guidance and special assistance.


The ROYAL TREATMENT plan is for those who want extra insight beyond choosing the right cruise or package vacation.

It is for those with special needs and extra requests. It is for those who want assistance planning a more involved pre- or post-land package and who want to compare private touring to a travel providers' program. It is for those who want me to research and arrange private transfers, and guests who want more detailed suggestions about what to do during their vacation in regards to extra tours, restaurants, etc.


ROYAL TREATMENT guests don't only receive a 30-minute initial consultation,  but unlimited time and access to ask questions and follow-up all the way through to their departure (within reason). Guests with Roayal Treatment who are travelling in one of my escorted groups will also receive a special Trip Book* which will include my special itinerary tips, favourite places, and all of my Top 5 suggestions for various cities in the Trip Book itinerary. These Trip Books allow me to share movies, playlists, documentaries, and very in-depth information that I think will elevate their trip.


*The trip books from my new Travefy system are delivered as a link that can be saved in your browser, as well as a downloadable PDF file you can save for offline use. Even better, they are available on the Travefy app so that you can access your itinerary on your cell phone and tablet while travelling: even without wi-fi.

The charge for Dave’s Royal Treatment is 175€/$200 per cabin and covers all segments of your trip.


There are two major fees which / DNA Tours GmbH charges to ALL guests regardless of which service program they choose.

Image by Kristopher Roller

Cancellations  require a processing charge of 75€/$90 per cabin that must be paid at the time of the request. This fee is independent of whether or not Dave can save you from a travel providers' cancellation penalties and is to cover the losses associated with time already spent on each booking, as well as initiating and processing the cancellation itself.


This fee covers the time needed to process the cancellation as well as compensation for loss of commission.


Note: The only time this fee can be waived is if the cruise line cancels the cruise.

A Cruise Swap  requires a processing charge of 50€/$65 per cabin and must be paid before the swap process can begin. This administration fee is independent of any charges made by the cruise line or any other vendor. This fee covers the time needed to process, re-book, and re-register the guest with all of the relevant vendors affected by a swap.



DNA Tours GmbH has always valued returning guests with an unofficial loyalty program. With the christening of our beautiful new website, we are happy to announce the coronation initiation of Dave's Royal Court program and the benefits that go with it.

Note: *The Royal Court Loyalty cruise discount is $100pp off the cruise price and NOT any Sign-Up System fees, which are independent of your cruise fare.



2nd AmaWaterways Cruise: take an extra $100pp* off your cruise offer / *Sometimes built into the group discount. FREE Unlimited Membership Access to the Closed Door Blogs & Articles, which is a new "Members Only" section at



Receive Royal House benefits + Unlimited FREE air checks & a special surprise Royal Gift during their cruise vacation.



Receive Royal House & Courtiers benefits + Complimentary Royal Treatment Package: valued at $200.

For more details and information you can download this colourful explanation for your records / It’s cute, go look at it!!


Create Your Own Adventure

Whenever You Want!

Not sure where to go and want to book your first river cruise? major milestone celebration? just want to book your revenge travel?

Contact me for a FREE 30 minute consultation! With just a short talk I can give you a world of possibilities.



Caring Child

2 for 1 for Front Line Heroes

Special Thank You for Heroes

Ama means love and they are absolutely thankful and appreciative of all the front line heroes who have worked tirelessly during this Covid crisis. As a thank you they are offering 2 for 1 coupons to be used 90 days before sailing OR $1000 off for immediate bookings!


2 FOR 1 or $2000 OFF

Image by Suhyeon Choi

Request an Air Rate

Simple Steps for an Air Quote

Dave is happy to provide you with a quote for airfare booked thru the cruise line as well as booked privately.


Simply fill out the Air Request Form using your name as it appears in your passport, submit it to Dave for a 24-hour turnaround.


DIY Guests receive 2 Free Quotes. 

Royal Treatment Guests Unlimited.




With all the things to consider when planning a river cruise, or any vacation for that matter, there are some key elements that go into turning a simple vacation into a truly memorable experience with lasting impressions.  I find that, like all things, a good foundation is key for success. 


My FREE download zeroes in on the five key things that I think are essential to a successful vacation which I've observed over my 46 river and 75 sea cruises.  Not only will these tips help you while contemplating a river cruise with me, but also any other vacation that you might consider.


These tips aren't the only free content I like to share with my "Royal Court" of happy travellers.  My FREE Perfect Cruise Planning Check List, my fun, free quizzes that help you zero in on the best rivers and the best cabins suited to your personal tastes are fun yet insightful tools to help you create that "trip of a lifetime" you always read of or hear others talking about.


Lastly, I also like to keep my Royal Court informed on a variety of travel topics, tips, and wisdom gained from 36+ years in the travel and tourism business and 22+ years of living abroad.  


My short weekly missives always include 4 or 5 stories of interest, including updates on my group sailings and breaking travel opportunities from AmaWaterways.  


My "you heard it here" first weekly mails about river cruising and cool things about living in Europe touch on topics I think might be of interest for those planning a visit over here (whether on a river cruise or land vacation).  


There is no obligation and you can easily unsubscribe at any time.

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