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What to do with that Viking Air Offer

What to know if you take Viking Cruise line air

Anyone that has been following me the past year and a half since post Covid travel has created havoc and mayhem in the airline industry knows that I have been recommending guests book directly in order to improve your status in the event of flight cancellations.

While that advice still holds true, it can't be denied that there are some pretty good cruise/air promotions out there with cruise lines offering free or greatly reduced airfare prices.

The one I have been working with lately that needs a little spotlight is Viking Ocean! With 4 groups booked with them over the next 2 years I have been impressed with their online customer portal and how they work their airfare.

To start, when looking at a Viking cruise go ahead and let them add air for you in your preferred class of travel. Viking's domestic itineraries only allow for Economy class flights in North America, but for international itineraries you can fly in Eco, Premium, or Business Class and as one of the largest purchasers of flights in the travel industry Viking Air will recommend a flight itinerary that is based on your preferences and optimized for your cruise itinerary at very competitive rates.

At the time of booking, add the air to your booking. That doesn't mean you have to keep it, which is the first thing I love about Viking air!

Viking will give you their "best price" for your route and add it to your booking without requiring an extra deposit. You can shop around and drop the Viking air if you find a better deal and conditions, but at least you know the "worst case price" scenario for your cruise's air travel. If you find something, you can drop that Viking air with no penalty (as long as it has not been ticketed - which happens at approximately 90 days prior to sailing). No harm, no foul.

This leverage, which includes dropping the air after final payment has been made and receiving a refund without a fuss, allows you to ensure that you get the best air offer.


Yes, they allow them for a slight fee, but you can deviate your departure and return dates to suit your travel plans and ideas. This allows you to still arrive early, stay longer, etc. No matter when you want to arrive or leave, they will do their best to accommodate.

Viking Air Plus

One thing to know when you book Viking air, is that if you book the basic Viking package they will assign you the best route in their contracts that fits your dates of travel and itinerary when it comes time to ticket your air. They pick. You pay.

Some folks are ok with that.

However, I know my little control freaks out there (like myself) need to have a little more influence and input over their route, time to fly, seating, etc. The good news is that Viking has you covered there, too!

Their AirPlus program ($100-$150 per person depending on itinerary) offers you the ability to fully customize your flight itinerary, search for new options, change your seat assignments and upgrade your class of service—all through the My Viking Journey guest portal.

The Back-Up is the Bonus

You can find out more at Viking's website and client portal, but I hope these tips help when planning your Viking Ocean cruise whether in one of my groups or on your own exciting adventure!

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