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Tulip Time Cabin Auction

5 Cabins are Up for a Special Auction... make me an offer!

So let's make this as strait forward and simple as I can.

My April 21 thru 28th Tulip Time trip is a full charter of the AmaMora sailing thru incredible cities and towns in the Netherlands during the famous Tulip Time festivities and culminating with the Dutch national holiday of Kings Day!

The entire ship will be full of guests along with very special entertainment and activities. It is going to be an INCREDIBLE VACATION!

Now, this sailing had been sold out for a long time, but over the last months I had some cancellations and I MUST SELL THESE LAST 5 CABINS!

If I don't sell them, I have to pay for them, so I am making a special offer to ANYONE who has ever wanted to try a river cruise but thought it was completely out of their budget.

Make me an offer.

Simple as that.

I have 2 CB French Balcony Cabins

I have 2 D Fixed Window Cabins

I have 1 BB Double Balcony

I will consider all serious offers.

It's Gonna Be the Best Trip Ever...

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