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The Cusp of September...

One of the absolute best times to river cruise IMHO

People often ask me "when is the best time to cruise" and because there truly are multiple honest answers to this question I often struggle to give a short answer. The fact is, there is almost always a perfect time to go based on different criteria and wishes. And yet September seems to be its own "perfect" class.

The weather is generally fantastic and the days are still long enough to enjoy full days exploring which give way to long, slow sunsets reaching beyond dinner .

Nothing expands a vacation better than being able to rise early in the morning to an already lit world. Enjoy some morning stretching or yoga with your Ama Fitness Host or take a walk on the top deck as mists rise from the water and you sip some coffee before breakfast. The sound of morning birds all around you.

By the time you leave for your morning tour you'll already have some adventure behind you.

September is still warm enough during the day that you can dress lightly and feel comfortable and by evenings there's a touch of cool in the breeze so a light jacket or sweater is all you need post late sunset.

September along the rivers is a class all its own. There are wine festivals everywhere, people out enjoying the waning days of Summer and sampling the offerings of local wineries, not to mention Munich's famous beer festival, oddly named Oktoberfest even though it runs the last 2 weeks of September, tempting other cities and towns all over Germany and Austria to offer their own special parties catering to the golden brew.

Oh.. and speaking of September sunsets, just look at these!

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