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My Main Man is Now My Right Hand One, Too!

Come meet Thierry Natale... the new CFO of DNA Tours

You've seen his smile on my website and maybe even met him on one of my tours or cruises. Some of you know him as my husband and excellent side-kick, but now I am very happy... and extremely fortunate to introduce you to him as the new CFO and right hand for DNA Tours!

As my cruise offerings have grown and expanded so has the demand for time consuming and very important paperwork. I've come a long way from just putting together a group of friendly folks who want to sail on some river cruises together. I now sell out entire ships and lead folks on exciting journeys all over the world and that really requires next level administrative help.

Thierry started his career in the French army where he served for 10 years as a Captain stationed in various places, most notably in Berlin where he and his unit would assist the Americans at Spandau prison, guarding its infamous prisoner, Rudolf Hess.

A decade of military service behind him, Thierry left the army, but not Berlin.

He remained in Germany's most exciting city and has just celebrated 30 years as a Berliner, most of which was spent working for the city's most important healthcare institution; Vivantes. For the last 26 years he served as the top technical manager for various hospitals within the Vivantes network, most recently for their 5000 beds and 90 operating rooms and a fairly large staff.

Stressed by Covid and intrigued by my ever expanding cruise offerings and the demands DNA Tours was placing on my time, I convinced him to leave Vivantes and bring his talents to help run my back office.

No stranger to river cruising, having just completed his 16th journey, Thierry will combine his natural talents with his first hand experiences as he learns more about the demands of the travel industry and our cross over assistance with ocean cruise guests.

In the beginning, Thierry will be managing all our guests insurance needs, taking care of our internal accounting and reporting requirements, and eventually taking over the entire back office from invoicing to payments and all the operational components of our ever expanding cruise business.

When not working, his primary hobbies include caring for our 3 dachshunds, gardening, cooking, Baroque opera, hiking and biking.

You can contact him at

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Aug 21, 2022

it was nice to hear a little about Thierry. He will be a great asset to DNA Tours. Hope to meet him in person soon.

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