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MMMmmm good! Christmas Market Deliciousness! My Salzburg Favs!

Every year there are a few things I have to have when I visit the Christmas markets! While every market has its array of tempting treats, there are certain markets along the AmaWaterways Christmas market cruise itineraries that offer things I just can't say no to. In fact, if I miss out on these special tastes, it's like I haven't been to the market at all. Salzburg happens to have several and I'm always excited to return year after year to see if each thing is as good as I remember.

One of my MOST favourite things on ALL the markets is the Haunsberger mit Sauerkraut Brötchen on the Salzburg Christmas market! Stand 82 is where you'll find this annual favourite. They're in the same place every year, right in the center of the Residenzplatz / the heart of the Christmas Market in that square. I'm not much of a sauerkraut fan, but trust me, order this sausage sandwich in its original form - with sauerkraut and mustard - and enjoy! I bet you can't eat just one!

While Glühwein is the official Christmas market drink, grab a small beer to enjoy with your Haunsberger!! You will never feel more like a true Salzburger! - not even dancing around a fountain.

It needs to be Silver!

Another MUST taste treat while in Salzburg are the world famous "Mozart balls". Every visitor to Germany or Austria has seen the bags of round chocolate sweets with Mozart on the red and gold wrapper. KNOCK OFFS! =o) The true Mozart Balls were created by Paul Fürst in 1890 and this delicious treat made from marzipan and pistachio surrounded by nougat and dark chocolate quickly became the city’s most famous confection! There is no better place to eat these delectable morsels than the place they were created. The originals are in a SILVER and BLUE foil and yes, there is a difference!

While you can purchase these lovely confections in their chocolate shop, I suggest you head over to their cafe at KONDITOREI FÜRST and go for the full Austrian Cafe treatment with a serving of cake and some Mozartkugel.

Kaiserschmarrn mit Nüssen, Äpfeln, Zimt und Pflaumenkompott

Another dessert you can't miss while in Salzburg is a special blend of nuts, apples, cinnamon and plum preserves served over a delicious pancake/waffle confection, sprinkled with powdered sugar and good enough for an emporer!

The balance of flavours for this beloved dessert is too good to describe! Just don't miss it!! While you can get this treat in most markets it is BEST in Salzburg, Linz and Vienna!!!

Beautifully Decorated Arches and Secret Alcoves with Wondrous Glühwein...

That's the BEST way I can describe my favourite hidden market, located at one of my favourite Salzburg restaurants, Stiftskeller St. Peter is "beautifully decorated arches and secret alcoves filled with the aromas of wondrous Glühwein..."

Nestled just beyond the archways leading to the famous Petersfriedhof and where you can pretend to be the van Trapps and hide behind headstones, this beautiful and tradition restaurant will delight you with a fantastically authentic Austrian kitchen menu and their "gemütlich" Christmas Market just outside, under the arches and among the columns of ancient architecture.

Be sure to stop by to sample at least one of their offerings for an authentic local experience that will live in your memory forever.

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