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I have a million reasons to love the Rhine in Summer... here are but a few.

Having sailed the Rhine almost a dozen times and having lived in the Rhine/Main region for a decade has allowed me to form a deep and meaningful connection to both the river and the life teeming on its banks. From large cities full of history that changed the world to quaint and charming towns that have supplied us with delights for our taste buds, the influence of the Rhine is as multi-layered and fascinating as the river is long.

An artery of trade long before the Romans, the Rhine has a rhythm all its own and I count myself blessed that the pulse of my own life beats along with that of this storied waterway. No matter what time of year, there is something special and touching about being here that makes an indelible mark upon you. It is more than just a memory, its a connection to the story of humanity and for me there is no time of the year more pleasing than visiting the Rhine in Summer.

The long days allow you to enjoy life outside late into the evening. Outdoor restaurants, pubs, cafes, ice cream parlours, wine and beer gardens and parks are full with people and there is an energy and vibrance that reminds me of the hum of a beehive. Sail by Düsseldorf, Köln (Cologne) or Mainz and you will hear it for yourself. The banks of the river are full of people of all ages sitting with friends, picnicking or grilling, enjoying a bottle of wine or a nice cold beer. Everyone soaking up the light and the warmth that radiates from the river itself.

Of all the things I love the most...

Sitting up on deck after dinner, enjoying the "Abendrot" glow of the sky, chatting with friends and enjoying a lovely glass of wine: this means Summer on the Rhine to me, made better by sitting on the deck of an AmaWaterways ship. Whether we're docked in Koblenz or Rüdeshein, sailing by Mainz or enjoying a night in Strasbourg, the gentle Summer temperatures and late sunsets turn each day into a long, leisurely slice of heaven on earth.

All of this is made better, of course, by finding that perfect restaurant with outdoor seating where you can enjoy a delicious dinner, watch the people going by, sit leisurely for hours at your table as course after course comes, makes a brief visit, and then goes away to make room for the next round.

Dining in the Rhine/Main/Mosel region in Summer is a delightful treat to be sure.

AmaWaterways sails a virtual fleet of vessels along the Rhine, Mosel, and Main rivers all year long and you can enjoy outdoor culinary pleasures in a variety of places. Amsterdam, Strasbourg, Basel and Lucerne are particularly lovely places to enjoy dinner outside. Heidelberg, Speyer, Riquewihr and Cochem present a multitude of "perfect spots" to have a cake and coffee or an ice cream and watch the world go by.

Yet my favourite of them all has to be Der Lindenwirt in der Drosselgasse in Rüdesheim. This charming and festive wine garden along Germany' narrowest street in one of its most famed wine villages is the epitome of music, laughter and fun for Rhineland wine gardens and whether you stop in for a flaming Rüdesheimer coffee or just to get flamed with copious amounts of wine and beer, there is always a lot of fun to be had.

Join me on one of my annual Rhine cruises to maximize your fun... or just let me send you when it best suits you.

Join me as I sail on AmaWaterway's very first trip back to the Rhine on July 29, 2021, let me send you on your own Rhine adventure at any time, join me for Rhine XMAS Markets 2022 OR come with me in 2023 for 21 Days of Dave on the Mosel, Rhine and Main!

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