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Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Given the choices of evolution or stagnation, I know which one I want!

Oprah once said that “luck is when preparation meets opportunity” and that's been one of my guiding principles my whole life. My road's always been a winding one and I've trusted my "Bauchgefühl" so well and often that this May I'll find myself a 23 year resident of Germany and amazingly, someone who can spell Bauchgefühl.

Trusting mine has worked for me and overall my autobiography looks like it should be a good read, but there is SO much more to write.

Over the past 13 years of leading thousands of people on tours and adventures around the world, it’s been a joy to funnel 45+ years of hospitality and tourism into creating lasting vacation memories for guests & friends.

The evolution of a teenaged Disney World waiter into a cruise agent who moved overseas and morphed into a top rated guide (founder of Friends of Dave Tours & DNA Tours GmbH which then spawned has been an organic and wonderful roller coaster ride around the world. But I'd venture to say that's all just been a prelude to what I hope will be my best years yet.

Once again, it’s time to pivot.

Covid taught me a lot of things over these past 2 years, but most importantly it’s given me time to transform my services and offerings to you, my beloved guests.

I raised a lot of eyebrows last week when I teased some new trips on UniWorld, the first time on a new line. Little did you know .. that was just a teaser!!

In early March I actually joined forces with one of the largest and most important travel consortiums in the world and can now promote and sell ALL CRUISE LINES and will create my future group trips on a variety of river cruise lines including Amadeus and Avalon, but also going back to my roots with sea cruises as well!

Sure, I'm known for bringing hundreds of you to another line all these years, but the world is broad and wide and UniWorld isn't the only new partner and adventure in my new travel arsenal.

I was simply honoured to introduce them first!

There's so much in store for you all!

River and Sea Cruises Now Possible

Yes!!! I can help you with more than just river cruises on one line! There are no doors closed to us when choosing the right ship or destination and whether it be on the sea or the rivers, my knowledge, experience, contacts and natural enthusiasm for your vacation are no longer bound to just one product.

I myself will starting mixing and combining adventures of both sea and river cruises... also with rail and specially designed land packages. After all, with 75 ocean cruises notched up along with my 50 river cruises, I believe it’s time to throw some variety and spice back into my world.

Let’s be honest, the same thing over and over can become bland and boring.

So ladies and gentleman of my royal court… your River Cruise King is opening up the kingdom!

The world is literally at our feet and I’m happy to send you thru it!

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