The Heart of the Rivers is the Ama Family

I really love the brand new Ama marketing series and slogan, "AmaWaterways, Heart of the Rivers". To me it expresses exactly what makes Ama the great product that it is: the people! Starting with the leadership in LA (and my travel inspiration Kristin Karst) and extending to every member of crew, and all the people in Operations that make our Ama trips the magical experiences that they are. Calling them vacations just doesn't seem enough because truly, they are so much more than that and it starts with the Ama employees themselves.

This is a little tribute video I made at the start of Covid and here we are almost a year later and I just can't wait to get my own heart back where it belongs: on the rivers with Ama!

Take a look at Ama's new promotional video if you haven't seen it yet!

Have a great day and when you are ready to get YOUR heart onto a river cruise, contact DAVE and join one of his fantastic groups or have him organize and plan your own individual escape!

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