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The Exciting Change to AmaDahlia!

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The brand new AmaDahlia already had a face lift... and it is a fantastic change that means more opportunities for Ama travellers on the Nile!!

Can You Spot My Edit? Do You See What's New?

The AmaDahlia just DOUBLED the number of French Balconies for their Nile adventures!

I am very excited to be one of the first people to be able to talk about the BRAND NEW DESIGN to the already stunning AmaDahlia and announce the addition of 10 new C category French Balcony cabins!

The massage rooms and salon that were originally slated to be on the 4th level Jasmine Deck have been moved to the fixed window areas of the ship. The D cabins are ALL GONE!!!

Anyone who was previously booked in Category D is being automatically upgraded to French Balcony cabins. These guests will take over the former C French balcony cabins in the Lotus Deck. The upgrade valued at $900pp is being given gratis to former D cabin guests. The category that was simply C... is now being referred to as CB. E cabins will remain as they were.

The guests who were booked in the Lotus Deck C cabins will now find themselves whisked to the top of the ship and into the new CA French Balcony cabins which are being built on the Jasmine deck, where the Spa, Salon and Massage rooms were originally located.

Not only does this create an entire new level of French balcony cabins, but ads 2 more cabins to the overall ship count as there will be 10 CA cabins.

Furthermore, the Al Fresco dining located at the back of Jasmine Deck will be expanded to hold up to 16 guests per night instead of the 10-12 previously slated.

AmaDahlia_36 cabin Ship_Fact_Sheet - Upd
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This means, of course, that my January 28th departure now has 2 free CA cabins to be filled!!!

Anyone interested in joining me for this incredible adventure through Jordan, Egypt and Israel should contact me immediately at dave@rivercruiseking.com or schedule a FREE consultation!

Rates for the January 28th, 2022 trip can be seen here.

Rates for my November 17th, 2023 trip will be made public April 29th!

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