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River Cruise King, You Look Gorgeous!

Our new website is HERE! Have you seen it, yet?

May 19, 2021 is a proud day at! Our new website has just gone on line and we could NOT be more proud and excited. I worked very closely with a fantastic team of professionals at Travel Marketing and Media who held my hand, prompted me to be a better writer, and allowed me full creative input, even as they did all the design work, crafted my beautiful new logo, and built the site itself.

Fantastic Highlights

One of the great things I love about my new site are the features on my Dreamworthy Destinations and the direct access to all my escorted groups. It is easier than ever to join me on an escorted cruise than ever or to let me help you create your own majestic journey in Europe, Asia, or Africa... and maybe soon a very special NEW destination (wink, wink).

Going with Dave

There is an entire page dedicated to all of my escorted group sailings so you can easily find a trip to join and come along with the Royal Court to maximize your cruise experience. It's a lot of fun sailing together, but of course, you are always free to do exactly what you wish!

There is never any pressure to join, but always the option to tour, eat, hang-out or socialize with all the fantastic people that River Cruise King has brought together over the years.

If you've never heard Dave's Cologne Cathedral story... you MUST ask him during a Rhine cruise!

Special Events, Large Groups and Revenge Travel

As a specialist in all things AmaWaterways, it is so easy to find out more about creating a special event, family reunion, large group or corporate event on your own floating venue.

In 2019 I turned my traditional Summer Rhine cruise into a Mega-Event by celebrating my wedding onboard and combining the incredible amenities of an AmaWaterways cruise with this mile-stone life event. It was the smartest thing I ever did! I can tell you how and my website has lots of great insight.

Travel Resources

Along with all the other great additions to are wonderful travel resources to help you as you plan or prepare to travel. There is an updated FAQ page, full of great As to your Qs and links to super helpful information.

There is so much more to see!! Come by and visit

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