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In the Mood: Janz Anton-Iago's World Meets the River Cruise King

A Classic Blog re-post from 2021

Introducing the Story Teller... and a fabulous person!

Those of you who have known me for a long time know that everything I have ever done, whether it be teaching art or English, starting Friends of Dave Tours in Warnemünde, bringing you to AmaWaterways, or even just introducing you to each other to begin lasting friendships has always come from a place of sharing.

I remember back to when I started Friends of Dave Tours. My overriding thought from Day 1 was wanting to share the beauty, history, and culture of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern with all the visiting cruise guests who were lured away to Berlin by the cruise lines. Over the years, that has not only made me one of the top tour guides in the area, but it also introduced you to Christian, now my right hand and himself one of the top-rated tour guides in the region.

I remember when I discovered AmaWaterways and organized that first group and how special it all was and how beautifully it has all developed. I couldn't wait to share it:

that wonder and joy of wanting to introduce my guests to the authentic and personalized experience created by the AmaWaterways team.

Even now, when I organize a group or curate a trip and start thinking of which things I want you as my guest to see, what things I want you to taste, what places I want you to be amazed by, it all comes from a sense of wanting to share my own first time being there. I anticipate talking to you when you come back to ask if you enjoyed a particular culinary pleasure in the same way I did or if you loved the beauty of a port stop in the overwhelming way I did. It is always about sharing that feeling and that moment.

Well, I am happy to say that I have once again discovered another treasure that I wish to share with you. I have found that one extra thing that will make you smile and feel good and be hopeful about the world we all travel in and want to experience. A few months ago, while perusing YouTube to keep myself occupied, I came across a vibrant headline and an inviting photo. It read "In the Mood for Douro." As I was just about to launch my 2022 Enticing Douro trip, I stopped to see what this video was about. You know I have seen literally hundreds, maybe even thousands of travel videos over the years. Yet this one was special. I clicked on play and by the time the video had played for just a few minutes, I was already hitting SUBSCRIBE!

I watched. I re-watched, and as I gazed on the video of places I had already been but had not seen presented as elegantly or with as much thoughtful commentary, I knew I had to find out more. To my delight, there was also an In the Mood for Sintra... In the Mood for Lisbon, and so many more. I began sharing these videos with Thierry at dinner, and instead of watching Netflix, we found ourselves looking forward to the next city that Janz chose to showcase in his very distinct, caring, and human lens. Thierry and I found ourselves watching more and more and of course, my curiosity was on full blast.

I did some digging and found out some exciting and curious things about Janz. Like me, he had left his homeland to go start a completely new life somewhere else. Like me, he wanted to follow his own path, do something different. Like me, he wanted his life's work also to be something that didn't necessarily feel like work because it was something that he found joy in.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, you can judge for yourself, but I think he has absolutely found his proper place.

After some nice mails and a Zoom call, Janz agreed to start working with me to create some Magical Moments for the family and to share his unique look at the places we go. Together, we intend to craft some beautiful videos that not only highlight the special things about the places I will send you but show them in a golden light that excite and fascinate you, and heightens your excitement as we plan your trip.

So do yourselves a favor: GO TO JANZ's YOUTUBE CHANNEL right this minute. Subscribe. Follow him on Instagram and Facebook and get ready because he and I will bring you some beautiful stories about travel, about life, and about you.

Welcome to a new chapter in the story. This is the one about you. This is the one about life and how Janz will bring his eye and his poetic vision to the stories I want your vacation to tell.

Above all, welcome to the RCK family and Royal Court, Janz. I look forward to the stories we will tell together.

Click the Photo to be introduced to a very unique storyteller.

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