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How Does Ama's Insurance Cover Covid?

Over the past year I have tried to keep my guests and readers up to date on what AmaWaterways is doing in regards to Covid and their sailing schedules. I have talked about country entry requirements and how to keep yourselves up to date and what to do if you are booked to travel. I have even talked about the pros and cons of traveling during Covid and recommended that people must inform themselves and then make their own decisions.

Yet one area I have not yet talked about is how Ama's Travel Guard insurance works in regards to Covid, a topic I think is one of the most important to consider when looking for travel insurance.

I want to preface this blog post with the warning that I am NOT an insurance expert and I advise everyone to purchase travel insurance. More importantly, I recommend that you not only read every word at Ama's website about their offered insurance, but I suggest that you call AIG directly to ask them to explain the Covid coverage inside their policy.

Most importantly, I recommend that every traveller purchase travel insurance, especially when they go abroad, regardless of Covid. These days, however, it is in your best interest to make sure that your coverage has some element of protection for Covid.

With that said, this excerpt from the AIG TravelGuard website seems to make a few things clear: while Ama's coverage does make some provisions for Covid, it is by no means a blanket policy that covers every aspect.

From this excerpt, it appears that medical coverage for an actual case of Covid is covered as a reason for cancellation directly before travel, as well as covering costs due to an actual case of Covid during travel and associated expenses.

What does not seem to be a part of this policy is any required quarantining resulting from a Covid case of a third party.

But let me ask you... are you sure? Exactly. Me neither.

SO CALL 866-244-4786 and have the EXPERTS explain it!!! NEVER ASSUME!

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