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Hallmark Christmas Movies and River Cruising? What??!!

Christmas Movies and River Cruising?? Really?!

These days you can't turn on a TV without seeing a Christmas movie that was filmed in Romania or set here at Peles Castle near Sinaiai: A Christmas Prince and its sequels, The Princess Switch, A Royal Christmas, and the list goes on. Peles Castle and the surrounding countryside and towns have become iconic sets for holiday films, not to mention a plethora of films and TV shows about Romania's favourite Impaler.

So what does this have to do with river cruising? Well, Ama's Gems of Southern Europe Danube itinerary includes a pre-cruise land tour from Bucharest to Brasov with visits to Peles Caste, Bran Castle, and many of the other beautiful spots that captivate viewers.

Enjoy a 4 night pre or post cruise land tour and be treated to the flavors, sights, sounds and cultures of this diverse swath of the continent. Whether you're a fan of Dracula or the Royal Family of Aldovia, you'll be amazed by the beauty of Transylvania and impressed by Bucharest... all of which combines beautifully with a 7 night river cruise on the magnificent AmaMagna or the other gorgeous Ama ships.

Join me in July 2023 on my own AmaMagna journey or let me help you plan your own trip thru this fascinating part of the world. Contact me at or head over to my Group Info page for Gems of Southern Europe with Dave

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