Booking Air thru Ama

Follow these steps and tips for a smooth ride...

I want to make you aware of how the AmaWaterways air program works. It is quite strait forward and there are many good reasons to use Ama for your air, especially during Covid times.

First and most importantly, all guests receive 2 FREE air requests thru me to AmaWaterways. Beyond that I charge $50 per cabin, unless you have booked my Royal Treatment service plan in which case you have unlimited requests until ticketed.

An air request to Ama can ONLY be made once you have completed and submitted the Ama Air Form which you get from me / also on the first page of this website with the list of groups.

Simply fill it out with YOUR NAMES AS THEY APPEAR ON YOUR PASSPORTS and return it to me and I can begin. Be sure to list your air departure city.

Keep in mind that Ama airfare is only live quoted and good for 24 hours so you need to be ready when we begin this process and should already have done your research. Further, since Ama's air department is closed on the weekends it is wiser to do this research Monday thru Thursday.

Ama also only requires a deposit to hold their air /$350pp for Eco & Eco Plus / $600 for Business.

One of the great things about booking your airfare thru Ama is that it can be included in your Ama insurance and Worry Free waiver AND you get Ama's protective Covid protocols. During this entire pandemic they have generously and willingly worked with guests to give them peace of mind and remained as flexible as possible.

Please note that your airfare route will NOT be listed on your invoice or in your Travefy Trip book until final payment: it will only show that you have air booked, the price, the deposit paid and when the final is due.

You also will not receive your booking code until final payment has been made.

You may opt to pay for your air in full if you wish to receive your booking code early in order to arrange seats, but be aware that airlines are changing flights and routes and you may incur costs and losses if you do it too early.

Lastly, Ama air fare is contracted air. They do not have access to every single route or time.

Further, you can not earn points to your loyalty program nor can you use points to upgrade with this class of ticket. Keep that front of mind.

As Ama can only check air inside of 320 days of the travel dates, please submit your requests timely.

Thanks and I look forward to helping you.

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