Bit by bit, putting it together...

Piece by piece, only way to make a work of art, reborn.

The new official colours of's new website

Covid times have wrought havoc in so many ways, but not everything about change and upheaval is bad. I remember thinking as a kid learning history that extraordinary times also make for the emergence of extraordinary people, things and even advancements. I bet a lot of you have had some transformations of you our own (and not just your waist and hair lines, either).

Travel is perhaps one of the industries that is experiencing the largest losses economically due to the pandemic and both providers, organizers and consumers are changing on a daily basis in how they react to, plan, and appreciate vacations, business and leisure travel activities. is using this time to not only assist and counsel our guests with their current and future travel plans, but to improve every aspect of how we deliver information.

New Website: Goodbye, home made site of old. Hello, sleek new online home for's Royal Court.

The world's leading expert on AmaWaterways' river cruises needs a throne room worthy of his amazing clients.

Under construction by the team at Travel Marketing & Media it is projected to be ready in mid to end April. Not only will there be an easier to navigate and simpler site, making it easier to sign up for trips or access your vacation information, there will be a "member's only lounge" for Dave's VIP Royal Court and cruise ambassadors to access special content.

Online Itinerary Books: No more wondering where that email is that showed the itinerary or looking thru the Info Mail for your daily programs, embarkation or disembarkation dates, etc. My new Travefy system allows me to create a wholly personalized online trip book for you.

You will have your entire trip at the tips of your fingers thru a simple link that you can save on your laptop, as well as an app that you can download to your mobile or tablet. Need to check your flights? No problem, just open up your trip ticket: the airline information inside updates in sync with the airlines.

You'll also be able to turn your itinerary into a downloadable pamphlet that you can store on your laptop or even print out if you like.

However, these trip tickets are also full of links, videos, maps, and photos that enlarge so using them interactively with the internet allows for the best use and functionality.

Now you can show your friends and family exactly where you will be, on which day. Even better, as Dave makes updates, you see changes instantaneously.

Your Trip Records: Very soon, every aspect of your trip from the online itinerary books, to your invoice confirmation, insurance, passport info, etc. will all be in one convenient spot, too. My brand new Customer Care system will allow us to keep every email we exchange, any files, pending payments, transfers, airline bookings, etc. in your own accessible trip file. You won't have to worry where you saved any of our emails any longer, they will all be here for easy reference in a log.

All of these improvements and upgrades will begin touching your in-boxes very soon!

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