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Awesome Things About the Lyon Card

A Classic Blog re-post from 2021

Tips on Getting the Most out of the Lyon City Card and Why I Include it in All My Arrival Packages!

Many cities around the world have a tourist card with various benefits: some are better than others and Lyon definitely falls in the PLUS category. Their city card has a bevy of perks that make getting around easy, as well as free entry to the most interesting museums and exhibitions. Below are some of my favourite things about the Lyon card.

The first thing I love about this card is the ability to easily move around the city without having to worry about where or how to buy a ticket. The Lyon card allows you to just tap your card as you enter and leave public transport and you can whisk yourselves simply from one part of the city to the next from 5am til midnight every day.

Do yourself a favour and download the transport app.

Where some city cards have a small selection of free museums and the rest are just discounts, the Lyon card has the majority of its city museums included in their Free entry. You also can use your card to get a free, hand held audio tour guides in 5 different languages. Very often people miss many of the fabulous museums and exhibitions on offer because they don't have enough time or they don't research in advance. The Lyon Card website has an interactive page that gives you a quick overview of each museum and its hours so you can make a plan.

A lot of city cards are just about transport and museums, but the Lyon card also provides guests with an included tour which you can choose from a menu. One of my best tips is to use your free Lyon Card tour to visit one of the silk workshops or tour one of the homes that was formerly a silk weaver's studio. Tours must be pre-booked directly with the Lyon Card office and anyone who gets a card as part of my Lyon pre-cruise package will be able to do this with plenty of advance notice.

One of the things that frustrates international travellers is not having full access to their cell phone functions without having to pay high fees. They Lyon card has a solution to your problems. You can get a pocket wifi device to use in connection with your card and then use your phone's wifi and apps to your heart's content. It is super simple to arrange as well. You simply go to the provider website and order your pocket wifi at least 3 days in advance, upon arrival you stop by the Lyon tourist office and pick it up, and you return it before you leave. Normal cost is 8€ per day and with the Lyon Card it is only 4€ per day. That is a deal!

Listed Below are some of my specific favorites...

La Vaporetto Water Taxi

La Vaporetto is part of the transport network and is basically the water taxi, but it is not only an excellent way to move around the city, but a great way to get an impression from the water. Even if you are going on a river cruise, this small ship experience is quite different and special.

L'ANTIQUAILLE - Lyon Cultural Center of Christianity

L'ANTIQUAILLE - Lyon Cultural Center of Christianity is a fascinating museum that details the history of Christendom in Lyon based on Saint Pothinus’s “dungeon cell” and mosaic crypt of the martyrs of Lyon of 177: a history in 15 rooms.

Lyon Fine Arts Museum

The Lyon Fine Arts Museum has one of the best collections in Europe. Located in an ancient, 17th century abbey, your surroundings are as exquisite as the art itself. This museum is well worth a visit!

Resistance and Deportation History Center

Lyon's Resistance and Deportation History Center is a must see for those interested in the struggles and stories of Lyon during the time of the Third Reich. This multi-media museum includes eye witness accounts, documents and photos, and a full array of chilling historical accounts of one of Europe's darkest moments.

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