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Amsterdam is Empty... COME NOW!

If you ever wanted to experience the beauty of Amsterdam without the crowds, now is your chance! It won't last long.

I arrived in Amsterdam on Saturday the 24th of July. Normally a Summer day in Amsterdam means packed streets, packed restaurants, bikes whizzing by at break-neck speeds.

This Amsterdam is different. Only about 15% of the normal crowds from the looks of it. You can get a seat in almost every restaurant without any problem at all, outdoors cafes and restaurants are quite full, but it's not the usual jam packed atmosphere one expects.

It's so quiet, in fact, that I'm noticing things I never did before; quiet courtyards used mostly by locals, bee hives, and quiet squares. The people are extra friendly as well. The Amsterdam of yesterday, when it was taken for granted that everything would always be full and customers were a dime a dozen has now become a bit more user friendly.

The feeling is not as brusk as it had become when locals were getting a bit annoyed with the jam packed bridges and oblivious wanderers, standing in the middle of the street.

This Amsterdam, the post-Covid Amsterdam, misses its guests and tourists and wants them back. There is a dance going on right now... with new regulations that will limit tourism in certain places, no longer allow open containers, no more large groups roaming the red-light... this Amsterdam is ready.

It's a perfect time to come, so if you are thinking about it... come before everyone else figures out that NOW is the perfect season to visit!

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