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Ama Reverts to Former Air Program

During the pandemic Ama introduced a flexible air program that allowed guests to choose air, make a deposit, and make changes without fee until after final payment until the actual flights were ticketed. This was done because of the ever changing air schedules and entry rules and while it did provide a certain level of flexibility, it also created back-logs and problems for the Ama air department.

As of November 1st, Ama is reverting to their former air program procedures

How does their Ama program work?

AmaWaterways offers special airfares based on the flight and seat availability of contracted carriers. They are able to accept a traveler’s choice of preferred air carrier, flight schedule, and some deviations so long as the requests are made at the time of booking the airline reservation.

To hold/confirm an airline reservation, the airlines require your full legal name as it appears on your passport.

For contract airline fares a deposit of $350 per person for economy class or $600 per person for business/first-class tickets is required to secure the flight schedule and quoted price at time of reservation. Any quoted price is not guaranteed if changes are requested, such as name or date changes, or if an airline-imposed schedule change is not accepted prior to ticketing.

Full payment must be paid in order for your airline tickets to be issued within 75 - 90 days before the travel start date. Once the airfare full payment is received your airline tickets will be issued and any changes will be subject to penalty if not cancelled within 24 hours of ticketing.

Should the name on your airline reservation not match your passport exactly, your airline reservation will have to be cancelled, full penalties will be assessed, and your reservation will have to be recreated subject to market pricing at the time of the new reservation.

Any air schedules provided by AmaWaterways are subject to change without notice as imposed by the carrier due to reasons beyond our control.

Why AmaWaterways Air?

  • Convenience and flexibility

  • Airport transfers are included when not deviating from brochure itinerary. (Some restrictions apply please ask for details)

  • Air tickets will be included in the travel protection plan when travel insurance is purchased with AmaWaterways

  • Seat selection for all business class airfares (Specific economy airfare seat selection must be done directly with airline. Charges may apply.)

  • Eliminates errors in travel date, times, arrival and departure cities, since Ama has your itinerary information

  • Peace of mind—Ama will find every possible way to protect your flight against delays, strikes, cancellations, and other unforeseen interruptions and will work to re-ticket you when the airlines make changes

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