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A Sea Cruise Combined WITH a River Cruise

One of the hottest travel trends at the moment is combining an ocean cruise with a river cruise.

One of the very important contributing factors to the expansion of my services to help my guests with airfare, insurance and offer ALL lines is the rising trend of combining multiple types of travel to maximize the overall experience.

One of the catchy tag lines at the moment about river cruising is "Ocean cruises take you to a country, river cruises take you thru them". While that is very true my feeling is this... "WHY NOT BOTH?!"

If you have the time and the ability it is very easy to link you with an appropriate complement to your vacation. For example, it's perfectly logical and easy to combine a Provence river cruise with a Mediterranean journey, especially from Barcelona. Doing a British Isles or Scandanavian itinerary? Well, the Rhine, Belgium & Holland are a simple and easy destination to include. Normandy & Bordeaux are also great add-ons to any European cruise. The Douro combines wonderfully with a Transatlantic.

The possibilities are endless and there are even lines out there that let you do BOTH types of trips within the same company if you find yourself to be a dedicated Viking or Scenic fan!

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