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A little Girlfriend Therapy?

Let me tell you why an AmaWaterways cruise is the perfect place to reconnect

One of the fastest growing travel specialties is the "Girlfriend Getaway" and it is easy to understand why. After all the stresses of everyday life + Covid, there is nothing quite as enjoyable and relaxing as getting away from "reality" with those true friends who allow (and even encourage) you to totally be yourself without fear of judgement. Of course, the same goes for men, although they may not admit it as freely. A few days away with the "buddies" on the golf course can be more valuable than hours of therapy!

While there are all sorts of resorts and cities to visit, one of the newer trends is taking a vacation together and an AmaWaterways river cruise can be the "one stop shop" that offers all sorts of activities in one spot so that friend groups can do a variety of activities together during the day and then enjoy the fantastic Ama dining experiences at night.

Here are a few suggestions for creative escapes on Ama trips:

  • A little Retail Therapy? Many women (and men) love to shop and the stops along Ama's river cruises offers great shopping, dining and entertainment options? Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam, Bordeaux, Lisbon, Munich, and Prague are just a few of the fabulous cities that are part of Ama's adventures and they each offer amazing options for retail therapy on the way to a great cruise.

  • Ama's trips have fantastic wellness opportunities as each ship has its own wellness host offering a selection of onboard fitness and wellness activities as well as tours created around biking and hiking. Afterwards you can come back for a nice massage, a swim or a soak. A little pampering never hurt anyone, and you might even come home with some new healthy habits, and feel a couple of pounds lighter...both good things!

  • "What happens on an Ama ship Stays on the river! know the old tagline! In addition to great tours and sightseeing Ama's ships offer amazing social opportunities with daily Sip & Sail happy hours, wine tastings, fun evenings in the lounge with live entertainment.. and the free flowing wine and beer at dinner makes for some hilarious evenings! An Ama get away with friends works well for both genders...great for male-bonding getaways too!

  • A few days spent wine tasting, or possibly signing up for a culinary boot-camp can be fantastic options for girlfriend getaways! Because wine and good food are ALWAYS a good idea and Ama has that in spades!

  • A sports-related trip works well for both girls and guys too! What about a fitness retreat for those who love to exercise? Or a golf stop along the cruise? All it takes is a shared interest and some planning!

  • The all inclusive nature of an AmaWaterways river cruise is a natural fit for this type of travel, where your biggest decision for the day might be whether to order champagne or a martini...or whether to sit by the pool or on the top deck watching castles pass by. Who wouldn't welcome some mental "down time"

So, think about YOUR ideal getaway with your friends. Wouldn't it be great to spend some REAL quality time together on a meaningful vacation....who do you need to spend some time with? Most of us have those folks in our lives who we are long-overdue for a meaningful visit. Why not let help you plan that all-important trip soon...

One of my favorite quotes is from Buddha: "The Trouble think you have time"

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