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Statement About Free & For Fee Services

Effective date: March 1, 2021

Professional travel advisors like myself helped millions of travelers around the world at the start of the pandemic. 

We helped get travelers home, and we waited for days at a time on hold for each of our clients to cancel and change their upcoming travel with airlines, hotels, cruise lines, and tour operators. We were so pleased that our clients had us to advocate for them and we look forward to rebooking them to travel again when they are ready. 

We are excited for the world to reopen to you, and look forward to a busy 2021, planning travels for 2021, 2022 and into 2023 for you. 

 My new Travel Planning Fee will ensure that you receive that incredible level of pre-departure and in-destination support, just like those travelers who were affected by the pandemic. You can dream of and plan your next vacation with me full of confidence. 

We are currently booking travelers on vacations that offer flexibility which means that they can push out their departure date with ease should changes arise. 

Look below to learn about our new Travel Planning Fee and start thinking about your next vacation. We’re here to turn it from a thought to a boarding pass!”

The Following Services are Free of Charge:


To begin, every guest, whether they be first time callers or returning members of my "royal courts" will all receive 30 minutes of FREE consultation on their booking. This includes video appointments made thru my calendar, back and forth via email for planning, etc. 

To make things simple for guests Dave offers 2 plans:

The Do It Yourself Plan


Signing up for one of Dave's groups, asking for a simple booking where you ask for a specific ship & sail date, adding an Ama pre or post package, and 2 FREE Ama air quotes, etc. will ALL STILL BE FREE so long as these requests take less than 30 minutes curation time. DIY guests will always still received my FREE planners and trip guides where applicable, as well as a BASIC TRIP BOOK from my new FREE itinerary app.

The Royal Treatment Plan

The Royal treatment is for guests who need or wish to have a more involved research and who want a personalized, specialized trip.  This is for guests who don't know what they want and need guidance and who want in depth assistance to choose between Ama's land program or to have a private pre and post package organized to their tastes. The Royal treatment includes unlimited air requests until booked and guests will receive my FREE planners and trip guides where applicable, as well as a DETAILED AND PERSONLIZED TRIP BOOK from my new FREE itinerary app which includes their flight information. As the app is connected to the airlines it will keep all changes and flight adjustments current.

Some fees will affect ALL GUESTS.

A Cancellation / non Covid will cost 75€/$90 per cabin.  This is independent of any fee by the cruise line or any vendor.


Re-bookings and transferring from one group to another will require a 50€/$65 per cabin fee to complete, and send out the new booking information or associated cancellation paperwork. In light of all the high quality, knowledgeable and excellent information and attention you receive from the time of enquiry it is only fair that a small compensation be made if you decide to cancel. This charge is independent of Ama's cancellation fee.


In the instance of rebookings, my fee is roughly 25% of Ama's cancellation fee that I am saving you from paying (when possible), and as I am then required to re-research a new trip, gather rates, give advice and use my connections to save you from penalties, all of which takes time, effort, use of my resources, etc. I am sure you can agree that this all has value and that as my fee represents about a quarter of what I am saving you in charges from Ama, that it is also fair.

Signing up for Ama's land packages will still be free and guests will still receive my Free planners with all the special tips and advice and insight, however, if you would like me to work with you to create a fully private pre or post cruise stay the fee will be a flat 125€ per leg and include hotel selection, tour arrangement, restaurant suggestions and/or reservations and transfers.

The Royal Court Repeater 

Past Passenger Program

Clients who book multiple cruises at RiverCruiseKing.com are rewarded with more than just incredible service, they are also appreciated and get special discounts and benefits.

The RCK Royal House - 2nd Ama Cruise: The RCK Royal House - 2nd Ama Cruise: extra $100pp off lowest cruise price. FREE Unlimited Membership Access to the Closed Door Blogs.

RCK Courtiers - 3rd & 4th Ama Cruises: The above + Unlimited FREE air checks & special Royal Gift

The RCK Nobility - 5+ Ama Cruises: All the above + Waiving of The Royal Treatment fees

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