Take to the rivers for an unforgettable adventure

Discover new destinations, make exciting memories and explore the world from the comfort

of an AmaWaterways river cruise


It’s time to upgrade your travel experience

When you think of cruising, what comes to mind? Do you picture a large ship with thousands of people island hopping in the Caribbean? Or can you envision a luxurious vessel with carefully planned itineraries and less than two hundred passengers on board? Cruising with me and AmaWaterways is all about dedicated service and personalized, authentic experiences.
Your time on board is just as valuable as your time in each port, so let me use my expertise and insider tips gained from dozens of Ama cruises to match you to an unforgettable river cruise vacation.
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The World in One Spot

How far can you travel with just one ticket? With AmaWaterways the world is at your feet.


The number 1 benefit of river cruising is that an AmaWaterways vacation takes you through major European capitals and quaint villages, to abandoned temples in the jungle, on safari, or even back in time as you cruise the Nile. Lose yourself in French vineyards, explore the famed port wine cellars of Vila Nova da Gaia.

AmaWaterways can take you there.


In addition to traveling in comfort and style, you will have your tours and activities included, along with gourmet dining, nightly entertainment, and 5-star concierge service from start to finish.

Authentic Experiences

Since I sail with Ama 6 to 7 times per year, I'm lucky enough to visit every one of their itinerary stops regularly, thus keeping my finger on the pulse of each river. As a result, I can assist you in planning your journey with complete confidence and give you special tips no one else can.


I particularly love sharing all the 'hidden gems' of each stop with you and turning a simple river cruise into an insider's über-vacation!


From in-home dining experiences to street food tours to cooking classes with market visits or special welcome dinners, I love arranging authentic experiences with my tour partners and friends around the world for you that you won't find in any cruise catalog. These are the vacation moments that become life-long cherished memories.

Best Price, Guaranteed

As an AmaWaterways preferred vendor with my own team of in-house VIP assistants at Ama, you can book confidently knowing that you are always getting the best price possible and in the surest of hands.


There are no games at Ama, and by booking early I lock in rates and amenities that enhance your overall enjoyment.


Not only do I offer all my clients first choice access and exceptional travel opportunities for every Ama destination, but you will also enjoy a variety of perks that are not available to anyone else.

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Escorted Group Cruises with Dave
Celebration Cruises and Revenge Travel

Meet the King of River Cruising

My name is Dave, and I'm called the River Cruise King.


My gift is matching people (and businesses) to their perfect river cruise itineraries and ships, maximizing their travel investments, and guiding them away from cookie-cutter internet offers towards personally tested, high-quality, authentic local experiences that combine seamlessly with the casual elegance of AmaWaterways' river cruises.


Whether in Europe, Asia, or Africa, I use the expertise and knowledge gained from 36 years in the travel business, 22 years of living in Europe, and 46 AmaWaterways river cruises and 75 sea cruise ventures in curating your special trip. 


I know that planning these kinds of vacations can be overwhelming and leave you feeling like every decision is still questionable no matter how much reading you do. "Did I get the best rate?" "Did I choose the right cabin?" All these things can nag at you. No worries. I can help you with my first-hand experience.

Neither your planning nor your trip should ever make you feel that way, so sit down with me and let's talk. I have so many secrets and tips and things to share with you you'll need two vacations.

Maybe you've never been on a cruise at all before or perhaps you've only ever done sea cruises? Not to worry. We can find the absolutely perfect travel plan that suits your tastes, maximizes your budget, and most of all lets you relax while having unexpected, stellar moments.


I know it's not every day that you get to take a vacation like this, so my goal is to make it the most special one you've ever been on.


Of course, you can go on your own, but traveling in my carefully curated, escorted groups allows first-time cruisers to make that leap from ocean cruising to river cruising without having to worry if they'll be bored, what to do before and after the river cruise itself, or having to arrange tours and activities.


Moreover, as AmaWaterways' Number 1 international passenger and one of their top-selling agents worldwide, I am uniquely qualified to help you plan, book, and execute your dream river cruise vacation whether you sail as part of my group or on your own majestic journey.


 Does that sound like something you would like?


​If so, I have 21 upcoming personally escorted group departures scheduled thru 2023, and Ama has hundreds more beyond that to choose from. There are multiple opportunities for you to join in and have fun while discovering the laid-back luxury of river cruising with AmaWaterways.


Together we can match you to the perfect fit for you.

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Image by Shreyas Malavalli


Dave works on itineraries up to two+ years in advance because early bookers get the best travel opportunities, the best cabins, and have the luxury of time to plan those special moments. It all starts here. Let's start planning.

 STEP 1 
Which Cruise Suits You Best?

Looking to sail in one of my groups? Excellent! Select the itinerary at my Cruise With Dave page from the list of "Future Engagements", fill out the form, and I’ll send you more information.


Already know where you want to go on your own "majestic tour"? E-mail me or schedule a free consultation so I can find out more about your wishes and match you with the best options.


If you are new to river cruises, let’s set up a time to discuss some travel opportunities that would fit you. I want to find out more about you to ensure a perfect fit. I know the right cruise for every guest!

Which Insurance Plan Is Right For You?

Once your cabin is secure the next crucial step is to discuss your travel insurance needs and whether Ama's Travel Guard protection and Worry Free waiver programs are right for you.


Insurance is absolutely necessary, but Ama's program is not the right fit for everyone depending on where you live, the journey you pick, and other factors. I will help you sort thru the noise and get this important topic sorted safely.


No one should leave home without travel insurance and I help you figure out your optimum plan.

What To Do Before and After Your Cruise?

Now comes my favorite part: working out the fine details and adding custom experiences to suit your vacation wish list.


For some people the Ama land packages before and after the cruise are perfect complements to their vacation. Others like to do their own thing and some like a combination of both.


This is where my inside tips and local knowledge are your greatest asset and will help you choose the absolute best ways to start and end your river cruise journey.


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Cruising with AmaWaterways is one of the most enriching, rewarding, and memorable travel experiences you can have.


Taking the leap from ocean cruises to river cruises or cruising with a new company can be overwhelming and stressful at times. I know this feeling first hand.


Before I discovered river cruising, I was an avid ocean cruiser, but take my word for it, once you make the switch you will be an Ama fan for life!




With 46 AmaWaterways cruises already taken in the past nine years (and 21 more currently booked), there is nowhere they sail that I can't share tremendous insight and help you plan a magical day. In fact, my little black book is bursting with possibilities and magical moments yet to be had. As my friends say, "Dave has never met a stranger," the same goes with places that I visit. I'm at home in the world and pour all of that knowledge into your trip.

The close personal relationships established over all those cruises with everyone at AmaWaterways - from the crew on board to the cruise & hotel managers to the folks in the LA and Basel offices, and even with Ama's owners Gary, Rudi, and Kristin, who have all become friends over the years - means that no matter where in the world you are or want to go you will be treated with extra special attention as River Cruise King guests, turning your simple river cruise into a magical journey. Ultimately, your future trips become like family reunions.

Lastly, as an American living in Germany for over 22 years, my services bridge the cultural divides that many agents don't even consider, helping you avoid the pitfalls of international travel with ease. With a keen understanding of your expectations, along with my firm grasp of local realities and possibilities, together we will create a truly immersive experience full of authentic and endearing moments, using all the tools at my disposal on your behalf.

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If you have never been on a river cruise before or are looking for a new way to travel and explore the world, you have come to the right place. There is no better cruise line than AmaWaterways and no better person to help you book your trip than Dave Natale, the number one worldwide AmaWaterways passenger and one of Ama's top international sellers. When you book with the River Cruise King, you can be assured that you are booking with the best and will be treated like royalty.
Download Dave's FREE Cruise Planning Check-list to help guide you to your ultimate cruise vacation.